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Vellai Thamarai, Educational, Social & Cultural Organisation

NGO Full Name: Vellai Thamarai, Educational, Social & Cultural Organisation
Abbreviation (if any):
Address: 78 Eswaran Koil Street
District/Region: Pondicherry
P I N: 605001
Phone 0413 2337640 / 0413 2615
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Contact Person Ajit Sarkar / Aravamudu

Target Sectors / Issues / Services

Vocational Training
Other Target Sectors / Issues / Services
Brief Description about the Organisation (Optional) Aims and objectives of the Association: - To engage in an initial and permanent integral education for the development of a harmonious life. - To give opportunities to each individual to manifest the latent potential in oneself for their accomplishment as an efficient and healthy citizen. - To solicitate and encourage children, youths, adults, senior citizens and disabled persons for a permanent education programmes for the well being of their life. - To stimulate people’s involvement and organize action programmes in all fields of life: social, economic, cultural, health and hygiene…that can help develop a harmonious life style. - To provide maximum benefits of the organization to the economically weaker people in all the relevant activities - To undertake and participate in programmes pertaining to the development of yoga exercises, sport, physical education, dance, music, theater… - To develop and promote natural and traditional systems of medicine among the people for maintaining good health along with allopathy and homeopathy. - To facilitate and initiate vocational activities for the adults and disabled persons. - To develop inter-generation and inter-cultural understanding. - To engage and promote programmes involving collaboration between the India and the rest of the world, so that each one profits of the knowledge of the other.
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